Airistech Quaser Herbal Wax Vaporizer


The Airistech Quaser Wax, Concentrate or Shatter Herbal Vaporizer has built in 420mAh battery that features 3 pre-set voltage output settings and the preheat mode.. Constructed to be small and stealthy pen style vaporizer, at 5" in length and 1/4" in diameter this vape is designed for quick sessions. The Airis Quaser wax and concentrate pen has a ceramic mouthpiece and a built-in dab tool system. The Airistech Quaser Vaporizer with unique Q-Cell technology using quality hardware. The Innovated QCell fritted quartz coil has a larger surface area which will have much more efficient and even heating with thick and pure vapour. The ceramic top will prevent from overheating too quickly. 

How to use: The device has a single button operation: 5 clicks to power on or off, 3 clicks will switch the voltage settings which is indicated with an LED light (Green = 3.4V, Blue = 3.7V, Red = 4.2V), 2 clicks will activate the 15-second pre-heat mode. The LED light indicator will light up with a colour that corresponds to the voltage chosen. The Quaser has built-in dab tool for easy filling, simply scoop your wax or concentrate with the built in scoop and place into the chamber, then use the pre-heat mode to mold your wax and you're ready to go.

In the Box:

  • Airistech Quaser Variable Voltage Battery
  • QCell Atomizer with Dab Tool
  • Micro USB Charge Cable
  • Instruction Manual