Chubby Gorilla QUAD Battery Cases

Chubby Gorilla

A safer way to travel with your 18650 batteries, the Chubby Gorilla Battery Case utilizes an easy-to-fit application that holds your batteries in place to prevent any rattling. You don’t have to worry about cracking or breaking as the Chubby Gorilla Battery Cases are constructed with ABS plastic.


  • Firm battery placement
  • High density and strong plastic construction
  • Highly portable
  • Safe battery storage
  • Embossed with signature Gorilla logo
  • Available in two or four bay compartments

Please note: 18650 batteries are not included.

**HELPFUL TIP: Never leave your batteries loose inside pockets, purses, etc. Make sure your batteries are in pristine condition. No tears or damage to wraps, we offer free wraps to anyone who needs them or you can purchase custom wraps here