RELX Classic PODS 3%


Blueberry - Blueberry with a hint of mint

Ludou Ice - Green bean iced, a traditional Asian dessert

Green Tea - Hot cup of light Japanese Matcha tea

Watermelon Ice - Juicy Watermelon with intense Cooling

Mellow Yellow - Banana Milkshake with a cool exhale

White Frost - White Sweet Freeze

Mango - Mango is a sweet and tart flavour resembling the green mangoes in Vietnam

Purple Grape - Tangy Grape with icy finish

Lychee - An Icy cold and sweet lychee flavour with a blast of frozen menthol

Turbo Red -  A refreshing and sweet energy drink flavour with an icy hit

Each pack contains 3 pod cartridges. 2.0 mL of E-Liquid per cartridge. Each Relx Pod will last approximately 250-350 puffs