NAVI comes with a built in 1500mAh battery and brings you the best experience
of smooth flavours and big clouds. Comes with a 0.96-inch screen shows
Auto-recognized and matched parameters. GENE.AI may be the smartest chip in electronic cigarettes standing out by intelligent coil matching feature, PUFF mode and other functions and a 2 week usage record of your vaping.

A Mod Pod that supports both pneumatic and manual modes. A three-port device with a fixed airway, an adjustable airway, and a pneumatic independent airway is available. 

When useing NAVI you can choose between button start or auto-draw start, With three innovative air ports. Agility and explosiveness were not the strengths of mod pod, with the innovation of independent airway, it's a more accurate air intake mode and more abundant air intake. Making NAVI be enough to subvert your cognition.

The independent airway not only provides high sensitivity and explosive force, but also replenishment of more gas in aerodynamic mode. It greatly reduces the occurrence of core-burning due to insufficient intake.

The innovative three-port design allows air to enter in a helical hedge, creating a more comfortable smoke temperature while creating an abundance of smoke,every puff is a treat.