Stüddenglass Gravity Hookah V2


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Stüddenglass Gravity Hookah V2 - Twisted Sisters Vape Shop
Studdenglass Gravity Hookah V2 - Twisted Sisters Vape Shop


How To Use:


To fill, rotate the Stundenglass unit so the globes are perpendicular to the base. Unscrew the globe on top by turning counter-clockwise. Fill the bottom globe with water through the pass-through hole in the lid (fill to the edge of the unit, but do not overfill). Then wipe down the threads on the globe using a dry cloth. Confirm rubber seal is seated in unit and reattach the top globe by turning the piece clockwise until tight. Now, choose your bowl & materials and prepare for pure bliss. Rotate the unit in either direction by pushing the top globe towards the bottom. Once water begins to drain, ignite your bowl until gravity takes over. The water inside creates a slow & steady draw that lights your materials, fully controlled by how far you turn the unit. (Be careful not to light too much material or smoke will be extremely dense as seen in video above) Once the top chamber is fully drained, simply rotate the unit again until perpendicular to have the smoke forced out. Rotate back into a parallel position to pause the smoke output. Since the smoke is forced out via gravity, mouth to mouthpiece contact is not necessary.


The Stündenglass Gravity Pipe Designed for Dry Herbs & Hookah

The Notorious “Seth Rogen Gravity Bong”

Made from the Highest Quality Materials

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Base Complete Kit

Just Add Water

Reusable Box for Storage

Easy to Fill & Use

Includes All Accessories

Leave Bowl Pieces Attached!

Eliminate Shared Mouthpieces!

Measures 16” x 11” x 12” inches


In the Box:

- Stündenglass Unit

- Hookah Bowl Adapter

- Hookah Hose Adapter

- Clear Glass Globes

- Single Mouthpiece

- Swivel Stand

- Coal Tray

- Hookah Bowl

- Hookah Hose

- Tobacco Bowl

- Reusable Storage Box

- Instructions for Use & Cleaning