DaVinci IQ/MIQRO/IQC/IQ2 Hydrotube


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The hydrotube from Davinci is a borosilicate water filtration device, which cools down vapours by up to 95%. The upper dome of the hydrotube functions as a recycler to allow maximum vapour to water contact. With the unique design, its mouthpiece is able to eliminate neck strain and increase sanitation. The 10 mm female ground glass joint fits any 10 mm male adapter.

How to Use Hydrotube by Davinci


– Compatible with IQ, MIQRO, IQC and IQ2

– Cools and filter the vapour

– Borosilicate glass

– Spill-resistant

– J-hole technology to elongate vapour path by 30%

– Upper dome acts as a recycler

– Unique sipping mouthpiece

– Up to 2-3.5 teaspoons of water

– Ground glass joint 10 mm F