Geek Bar Pulse Disposable - 15 Flavours

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Berry Trio Ice
Cherry Blast Ice
Coconut Ice
Dragon Melon Ice
Fuji Melon Ice
Grape Honeydew Ice
Green Apple Ice
Ice Blast
Juicy Peach Ice
Nectarine Ice
Peach Nectarine Ice
Peach Passion Ice
Pineapple Ice
Pink lemon
Punch Ice
Strawberry Mango Ice
Tropical Burst ice
Tropical Mango Ice
Watermelon Ice
White Grape Ice

Introducing the GEEK BAR PULSE Disposable, a compact yet high-performance disposable vape device capable of delivering up to 9000 puffs, thanks to its generous 16 mL e-liquid capacity. This innovative disposable vape boasts a range of features, including a full-sized LED screen, adjustable airflow, dual-mesh coils, and a Boost Mode to supercharge your vaping experience.

Key Features:

  • Up to 9000 puffs
  • Boost Mode For Enhanced Airflow, Vapour And Flavour
  • LED Screen with E-Liquid and Battery indicators
  • Rechargeable
  • Dual Mesh Coil
  • 16 mL of E-Liquid
  • 20mg/mL
  • 650 mAh Internal Battery

BERRY TRIO ICE: A refreshing swirl of mixed berries and icy coolness, where every inhale is a burst of sweet, frost-kissed delight.

CHERRY BLAST ICE:  Indulge in the seductive sweetness of ripe black cherries swirled into a frosty mist, igniting your senses with every refreshing inhale.

COCONUT ICE: The creamy essence of coconut, finished with a refreshing twist of ice.

DRAGON MELON ICE: A luscious blend of succulent dragon fruit and juicy melon that leaves a refreshing chill dancing on your taste buds with each exhale.

FUJI MELON ICE: A refreshing and harmonious fusion of crisp fuji apples and juicy melons, with a delightful icy twist.

GRAPE HONEYDEW ICE: A refreshing fusion of sweet grape and juicy honeydew, kissed with a hint of icy coolness.

GREEN APPLE ICE: An exhilarating burst of fresh, zesty apple with a revitalizing touch of icy coolness.

ICE BLAST: A brisk and invigorating blend that combines the pure essence of mint with a cool, refreshing chill.

JUICY PEACH ICE: An enjoyable fusion of luscious, ripe peach and a revitalizing blast of frosty coldness.

NECTARINE ICE: A delightful fusion of juicy nectarines with a refreshing, chilling icy undertone.

PEACH PASSION ICE: An exotic blend of sweet peaches and tangy passion fruit, enveloped in a refreshing icy embrace that will transport you to paradise with every inhale.

PEACH NECTARINE ICE: Experience the irresistible fusion of luscious peach and tangy nectarine, perfectly chilled to deliver a refreshing burst of flavour that will leave you longing for more with every puff.

PUNCH ICE: A tropical medley of fruits, enlivened by a frosty, invigorating chill.

PINK LEMON ICE: An enchanting blend of vibrant pink lemonade infused with a brisk and revitalizing icy kick.

PINEAPPLE ICE: Ripe, sweet pineapple infused with a rejuvenating, frosty kick.

STRAWBERRY MANGO ICE: A delightful fusion of luscious strawberry and tropical mango, complemented by a refreshing icy sensation.

TROPICAL MANGO ICE:  The exotic sweetness of ripe mangoes kissed with a refreshing breeze of ice.

TROPICAL BURST ICE: A vibrant fusion of exotic fruits enhanced by a cool, revitalizing frost.

WATERMELON ICE: The luscious, juicy sweetness of ripe watermelon, harmoniously paired with a revitalizing, frosty chill. 

WHITE GRAPE ICE: An exquisite fusion of succulent white grapes and invigorating ice, delivering a cool burst of flavour with every indulgent puff.