GreenLight Vapes G9 EPRO Dab eRig Vaporizer Complete Kit

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The EPro Wax Vaporizer from Greenlight Vapes is an advanced portable enail concentrate rig with digital display, an audible alert system, 3000mAh battery, and removable ceramic heater. Hand-made glass water recycler that filters your vapor through multiple chambers ultra ultra smooth and flavorful results. Glass recycler has a quartz carb cap attached so you can easily control airflow during your session.

Removable ceramic heater base with a ceramic chamber bowl pre-installed. The ceramic heater easily twists into the EPro's base and heats the bowl without ever coming in direct contact with your concentrates so the end results is never too harsh and always tastes great. Also included 1 titanium and 1 quartz bowl to further customize your vaping experience . The chamber bowl installs easily in seconds with the use of a silicone band so you can quickly change out your preferred bowl.

  • Turn on device by quickly pressing power button 5 times.
  • To select the "heating mode" press down both the + / - button at the same time. This will open a new window where you can use the + / - buttons to scroll through the different types then press the power button to select the mode.
  • You can then adjust the temperature by using the + / - buttons anywhere from 280-800°F in 10° increments so you will easily be able to get the best performance with any type of concentrated oil you are using.
  • After you have selected your preferred temp. press the power button 3 times to activate the heating cycle. It will let you know when it begins heating with a beeping tone and requires about 30 seconds to reach your selected temperature. Once temp. has been reached you will hear a long beep.
  • It will stay at your temperature for up to 60 seconds per session, It will display a timer on the display so you can easily reset the session, if needed.
  • Be sure to clean each chamber bowl thoroughly after each session to maintain top performance. Greenlight Vapes includes alcohol wipes and cottons swab to keep you going for quite some time before needing to re-up.
  • Rig Style Concentrate Vaporizer with Digital Display
  • 100% Genuine Greenlight Vapes Brand Guaranteed
  • Dimensions: About 239.2mm Tall (w/ Glass) x 41.5mm Wide (Base)
  • Device Weight: About 14.9 ounces
  • Premium Multi-Chamber Glass Water Recycler
  • Quality Quartz Carb Cap with Convenient Silicone Tether
  • Removable Ceramic Heater Base with Interchangeable Bowl Types
  • 3 Unique Bowls Included: 1 Ceramic, 1 Quartz, 1 Titanium
  • Bowls Heated with Embedded Ceramic Heater for Top Flavor
  • Huge 3000mAh Battery in Heavy Duty EPro Base with Screen
  • Powerful Temperature Output: 280-800°F
  • Adjusted in 10° Incremenets for Precision Control
  • Heats to Selected Temperature in Only 30 Seconds
  • Remains at Desired Heat Setting for Up to 60 Seconds
  • Digital Screen Displays Battery Life, Heat Settings, Session Timer & More
  • Innovative Audible Alert System Notifies You When Device is Ready
  • User-Friendly USB Charging with Passthrough Feature
  • Easy to Use Three Button Control System
  • Press Power Button 5 Times to Turn On/Off
  • Press Power Button 3 Times to Start Heater
  • Press + / - Buttons at Same Time to Select Bowl Type
  • Press + / - Buttons Separately to Adjust Temperature


  • 1 x G9 EPro Dab Rig Vaporizer
  • 1 x Removable Ceramic Heater Base
  • 1 x Handmade Glass Recycler
  • 1 x Ceramic Bowl
  • 1 x Titanium Bowl
  • 1 x Quartz Bowl
  • 1 x Glass Carb Cap with Tether
  • 3 x Cotton Swabs
  • 2 x Alcohol Wipes
  • 1 x Dab Tool
  • 1 x Silicone Jar
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Set of Spare O-Rings