HQD Cuvie Slick 6000 Puff Disposable


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Banana Mint
Blueberry Banana
Blue Raspberry
Blueberry Watermelon
Caribbean White
Grape Pomegranate Ice
Mango Peach
Peach Ice
Strawberry Watermelon
Watermelon Ice

The HQD Cuvie Slick is Canada’s first non-rechargeable 6000 puff disposable device. Its revolutionary ultra-thin stainless-steel design makes it your pocket's best friend; available in three premium colors: Galaxy Grey, Space Blue, and Matte Black. The Cuvie Slick isn’t just about great looks, its specifications speak for itself:
Product Specifications:

  • Ultra Slim and pocket friendly design.
  • 12 premium blend flavours.
  • Innovative leak-proof design to avoid messy leaks.
  • 15ml E-liquid capacity.
  • 1400mAh non-recharging battery for hassle-free vaping.
  • Patented inner heating mesh coil technology for a consistent vaping experience.
  • Dual airflow vents for smooth draws and maximum satisfaction.

12 Premium Blend Flavors

Mango Peach: Sliced mangoes blended with ripe peaches to give you a sweet & tropical flavor punch.

- Grapes: Indulge in the world of mixed green & purple grapes.

Berrylicious: Luscious sweetness of mixed berries for a vibrant & refreshing taste.

Strawberry Watermelon: A sweet & refreshing blend of strawberries & watermelon.

- Caribbean white: Coconut cream, pineapple juice & rum that gives you the perfect summer pina colada.

- Watermelon Ice: Refreshing watermelon slush to cool of the heat.

- Grape Pomegranate Ice: Grapes, pomegranate with a cool twist.

- Peach Ice: Ripe peaches with a refreshing ice sensation.

- Blue Raspberry: Canada's favorite flavor of blueberries mixed with raspberries.

- Blueberry Banana: Fresh blueberries mixed with luscious bananas.

- Banana Mint: Divine bananas and refreshing mint that give an invigorating taste.

- Blueberry Watermelon: Tangy blueberries blended with fresh watermelon for a refreshing taste.