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The LYNX 2500 is the powerhouse line of the YOHO Vape family.
With its comfortable design, 1100mAh battery, premium mesh coil, and our 20mg/ml salt nicotine flavour options.


Aloe White Grape - A perfect pairing of sweet Aloe and juicy white grapes. Chilled over light ice

Blue Razz Ice - Sweet blue raspberries mixed with a touch of fresh red raspberries. A nostalgic blue Slurpee, ice cold.

Cold AF - A light sweet mint, swirled into an ice bath and frozen solid. The coldest vape you'll try.

Fuji Green Apple Ice - Delicious Fuji apple, sprinkled with a slice of green apple. Chilled on ice.

Guava Ice - Fresh picked Guava originating from Haryana. Simple, yet refreshing. Steeped and chilled on ice.

Lemon Lime Soju - A very popular Asian cocktail, originating from Korea. A refreshing twist of lemons & limes blended with Yakult yogurt & Soju. Chilled on ice.Lychee Ice - 

Mango Peach Ice - Philippine mango inhale with Georgia yellow peach exhale. Splashed on ice.

Melon Medley Ice - Japanese cantaloupe (Yubari melon) mixed with a touch of Honey Dew & Hami Melon. A perfect blend of melons and ice.

Pineapple Ice - Sweet fresh pineapple, frozen into a popsicle.

Vanola Ice - The perfect balance of creamy vanilla and classic cola. Chilled over ice.

White Stawberry Ice - Fresh Fraser Valley strawberries. Ripe from the vine and chilled over light ice.