Orange 410 Cleaner - 4oz, 12oz

Orange Chronic

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The Orange 410 Cleaner works immediately with no scrubbing or waiting. As an easy-to-use solution, smokers can brighten their glassware with just a few simple steps. Simply shake the solution until all contents are mixed. Place the desired amount of Orange 410 in glass pieces and shake vigorously until it reaches desired cleanliness.


  • Works on glass, metal, ceramics, hookahs, bongs, pipes
  • Immediate results
  • No scrubbing or waiting
  • No after-taste or smell
  • Easy to use
  • Free rinsing
  • Available bottles in 4 oz and 12 oz

Earth Friendly and easy to use.

How to USE:

  • Pour some cleaner into your bong
  • Plug the downstem hole & mouthpiece
  • Give it a strong shake
  • Empty the cleaner from your bong into a container (reuse) or just dispose of used cleaner
  • Rinse your bong with cold water
  • Check if your bong is clean enough if not repeat steps
    • Rinse and repeat until your bong is clean